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wednesday night plate shoots - competition

Plate Shoot

If you're looking for practical/tactical competitive shooting in a friendly, no pressure, judgment free environment you will LOVE our Wednesday Night Plate Shoot. 

On any given Wednesday shooters from all walks of life and skill levels compete head-to-head in a friendly event that runs from 6:30pm until about 10pm. Shooters are divided into several groups according to skill levels. The objective is simply clearing your steel plate rack before your opponent clears theirs.

The competition is divided into two halves. The first half is a warm up against randomly selected opponents in your skill level. There are usually 4-5 of these "practice" rounds followed by the all important and well loved pizza break. After the break competition moves in to an elimination stage. During this stage everyone shoots until they lose. Depending on the number of participants winners are declared in 2-3 rounds. The last standing competitor in each group is awarded the coveted Greyson Plate Shoot Trophy!

Every other week is Center Fire Pistol/Revolver - participants can use any center fire pistol or revolver in most standard calibers [9mm, .40S&W, .45ACP, .38 Special etc...]. The inbetween weeks are alternative shoots like .22lr Pistol/Revolver or .22lr Rifle or Back Up Pistol/Revolver, etc... 

We will post a monthly schedule here.
Cost is $20 per shooter and shooters provide their own firearms and ammunition. On average each shooter goes through about 2-3 boxes of ammo, but the less you miss the less ammo you would need:) Come have fun with us EVERY Wednesday night! 


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