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A membership can easily pay for itself


Why Become A Member?

It’s Simple – The Greyson Gold Standard.

We feature Connecticut’s finest state-of-the-art facility setting the standard for safety, cleanliness, and friendliness. Unique to Greyson Guns is the Premier and Charter members only lounge. The lounge allows a comfortably sophisticated atmosphere for guests to relax, offering a private restroom, storage for your gear and complimentary snacks and coffee.


Be Part of Something Bigger

Greyson Guns and its members share a love of our sport. As a member you will enjoy the opportunity to meet other members at our events. We invite members to various holiday parties throughout the year and also plan fun shooting events for members only.


Membership Has Its Perks

Becoming a member of Team Greyson allows you to use our buying power to your advantage. We simply put members first. When we negotiate deals and pricing you, as a member, reap the benefits. We pass any and all savings to our members.


Which Membership Is Right for You?

Greyson Guns Shooting Club & Range has a membership that fits every shooter. We offer four different membership plans: Basic, Premier, Charter and Corporate.

You’re sure to find one that’s right for you. 



What the difference between monthly and annual plans?
The annual plan is a one-year commitment that is paid in full at the time of signing. In addition, you save (2) months’ worth! The monthly membership is a rolling membership, meaning we will bill you monthly until you (ever) decide to cancel. A monthly membership requires a one year commitment. 


What if I sign up and am away for a period of time?
We can put your account on hold, with notice! While your account is on hold, you will be charged regular public rates.

Can I cancel at any time?
Annual memberships are paid in full at the time of signing and require a 1-year commitment. A monthly membership requires a one year commitment

What perks do I reap?
Well, to begin, members are able to visit our range an hour before the general public. Members receive discounted rates on the range, ammo, and FFL transfers. Please email us for more information.

How do I sign up?
Please stop by at your convenience to complete our membership form!


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